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Hossain Al Ikram


Mozilla QA is a large community around the world with a passion to help Mozilla products work more better and efficiently. Mozilla Bangladesh QA Community is now an important part of this global community with a large number of Bangladeshi contributors. The journey of Mozilla Bangladesh QA community started with QA Marathon Dhaka on March 20-21, 2015. This community is going to complete it’s glorious 1st year of contribution very soon and within this time we had gained a lot of experience as a community and also got many contributors. We are very happy to see our many Bangladeshi Mozillians getting interested to contribute in this path (Mozilla QA).

Day by day the number of our interested volunteers/participants/contributors are increasing.So, in order to encourage people to contribute in QA, help them to onboard as an contributor and keep them engaged with the Mozilla Bangladesh QA community we need more community mentors.

So,if you want to join us as a QA Community Mentor, Apply Now!

To apply, please go to

Blog Credit: Mohammad Maruf Islam

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