Best Firefox Club Lead of Bangladesh in February’16

S M Mohi Us Sunnat


I mentioned the Role and the activities of Firefox Clubs, Leads and FSAs in my last blogs [ Link 1 ]. So according the model, every month we will select a best Club Lead of Bangladesh. In February, with the help of all the Leads, I have elected the best Firefox Club Lead of Bangladesh for February. This month’s best Lead is Pranjal Chakraborty, the Lead of BRACU Firefox Club


Best Firefox Club Lead of Bangladesh in February

Pranjal is an active contributor of SuMo Bangladesh community. He has been lead of the club for about 6 months and introduced almost 10 super active contributors for QA and SuMo communities of Bangladesh. He joint Firefox club in Jan’14 as a Firefox OS app development and since then he continue to volunteer and keep contribution in Mozilla and Mozilla Bangladesh. He is also an undergraduate teaching assistant of his university, which helps him to reach the freshers smoothly. He is now the face of Mozilla in his campus.

His Last month’s events and contribution:

Besides, he was also able to find some new contributors from his club and they are –

  • Azmina Akhter Papeya
  • Shaily Roy
  • Parisa Tabassum
  • Mita Halder

Not only just this club or the lead was active. Last months almost every clubs and leads were super active and organized some awesome events in their own club. [ Link 2 ]

I believe, they will keep continue their missions for Mozilla and the FSA Program.

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