Onboarding new QA Community Mentors!

Hossain Al Ikram


Last few months, we had been supercharged by a huge number of newly recruited QA contributors. From a Team of 10, we are now a community of about 100 contributors. We achieved this with the help of community. This was only possible for all the people who have helped us to organize QA events in their Universities, who have mentored and contributed their time to onboard new people, who have contributed from their part, who promoted about our activities with their friends and nearest ones, who shared our updates in social media, who criticize our work and way of working and everyone who’s contribution altogether helped us to achieve what we are now!

As a Quality Assurance Community, we promise to keep the same Quality of our contribution and to ensure that, we would like to invest more skillful training to our existing contributors. To help us unitedly achieve this goal, we needed more people who can contribute their time to share what they have learned and spread their learnings!

As part of our earlier blogpost where we invited community members to join us as QA Community Mentor, We received enormous interest from people to be a community mentor. As we hope to maintain the same quality, so after discussing with our existing QA Community Mentors, we are happy to inform you that we have invited below mentioned people to join us as a QA Community Mentor!

  • Amlan Biswas
  • Md. Ehsanul Hassan
  • Md. Rahimul Islam
  • Muktasib Un Nur
  • Nuzhat Tasneem
  • Fazle Rabbi
  • Asif Heemel
  • Almas Hossain

As part of this process, they will be transitioning from a Contributor to a QA Community Mentor, We will be following up with them in next following weeks to help them complete your “Onboarding period” so that all our existing mentors can help them to understand their responsibilities as a mentor. We hope, through this process they will become a responsible mentor of our community and will be able to help us shaping this community.After completion of their “Onboarding period”, they will be listed with all our existing Mentors.

If you have applied but you are not accepted as a mentor, we will encourage you to contribute more and apply again! In the meantime, we shall keep following up with you and you will be on boarded, when you will have the same skills and commitment to the community. For further discussions, Please send me a mail or talk to mozqabd-mentor@googlegroups.com 

Keep Contributing. Keep Doing Good. Keep Blessing the Open Web!

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