Mozilla QA Bangladesh: Community Report, July 2016

Hossain Al Ikram



Hello mozillians. We are a community focused on QA to make our products more better in our day to day life. To promote, what we are doing in a months cycle, we will be publishing monthly report each month focusing our activity and this is the first set of our monthly report focusing our activity on July 2016.

Contributor of the Month – July, 2016


Rezaul Huque Nayeem known as Nayeem Bhai has been contributing to QA from March 2015. He has been engaging with new contributors to onboard them and has been helping the community to grow by organizing onsite/ offsite QA events. It is our privilege to honor him as contributor of the month for July, 2016.

Nazir Ahmed Sabbir is an astounding contributor who has passion in doing QA activities. Starting contributions in QA from March, 2015, he has never stopped for a day to have break. Mentoring has been his passion from begining. And also, he is our linux maestro in the community. We are happy to announce Nazir Ahmed Sabbir contributor of the Month to recognize his efforts.


What We have done – In July, 2016!

QA Community Superstar: July, 2016

We shall be focusing our contributors with monthly “Community Superstar” role who’s contribution has been bringing a change to the community. In July, we have been supercharged with 156 Bug’s verification and this couldn’t have been possible without this people. Hats off to you, guys.

We are currently reviewing the strategy behind this role. More updates on this role will be update soon.


That’s all. Thanks for Reading! And Keep Contributing.

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