bn-BD locale report: From Bangkok to Delhi and next

Belayet Hossain


Back in August 2015, Mozilla Bangladesh l10n team have missed several releases of major Mozilla products localize in bn-BD including Firefox browser. No initiative of web localization for Mozilla sites and very few pages existed in bn-BD. Most of the existed pages and URLs were obsolete. Lots of untranslated strings in the dashboard. So many suggestions pending for review at Pootle. No resources available for new localizers to dive into deep in the projects and do things correctly. Most of the localizers were distracted and faded out due to  sparklings of other Mozilla projects. Only a few were doing their routine works in l10n just to keep the project alive. No events, no recruitment plan, no community recognition plan, no goal for the local l10n community. Mozilla l10n for bn-BD appearing as a faint project to most of the community members in Mozilla Bangladesh. But Mozilla l10n in bn-BD was a strong project from the start of the Mozilla Bangladesh community on 2009, even earlier since Firefox 3.5 release.

After l10n Hackathon, Bangkok we came back with clear plans, goals to revitalize the l10n community as well the bn-BD locale in Mozilla. First, we worked to catch the Firefox releases what we have missed for a couple of years. As result bn-BD able to complete the release cycles for Firefox for desktop regularly since then. The community became more organized by adopting Facebook and telegram group. We gradually look after other pending review works for Firefox Health Report,,, Firefox Accounts, Firefox Hello, Pocket etc. Our progress in last one year in the web localization reflected clearly in the dashboard.


bn-BD Translation progress of lang files over time.

We arranged a couple of online sprints during different occasions and did social media promotions. As result, we got a number of new localizers in the pool. We mentored them personally to contribute different project with the different tool. We introduce locale priority list which is a list of projects we prioritize for the bn-BD locale with the deadline for each project. The list changes every month as required. We pinned it at the Facebook group of the l10n community so that everyone knows where we should put our localization efforts and be aware of the deadline of each project. Again this priority list helps new localizers to identify the starting points to start their contribution in Mozilla l10n projects.

With the revitalization process of bn-BD locale last year we are also worked aligned with the priorities of l10n-drivers. We followed l10n mailing lists, blogs, Twitter and l10n-drivers’ posts in the social media pages to know current updates and happenings in Mozilla l10n and did the plan of activities with the alignment of their plans and focuses. With the completion of the translation of the strings, we have worked to improve the translation quality. We have started working on resources for localizers such as glossary, style guides etc. So that we can maintain the quality of the translation and the consistency. We also started working on guides and tutorials for the beginners.

When l10n-drivers asked each community to set their own goals for the Indic Hackathon in Delhi, we have discussed with the community about our progress and current plans and focuses of Mozilla l10n. We asked community members to suggest goals and what they want to see to perform us at the hackathon. We go through all the goals and compile the final list of goals for this hackathon on the basis of community needs and Mozilla l10n priorities.

The l10n hackathon in Delhi was a success for the bn-BD l10n team because we were able to cover most of the goals at the list and come up with decisions on all the topics we decide to discuss in the hackathon. In day one of the hackathon, we worked together to create a Localization Style Guide for the bn-BD locale. We also plan for new localizer recruitments in the l10n team and to increase uses of bn-BD localized Mozilla products by arranging  events and promotional activities for next 6 months. We also plan an l10n Community Meetup in January 2017. In day two we launched bn-bd l10n team logo. We have learned about the Transvision tool which provides different views on strings in the projects and helps to identify inconsistencies and errors. We also learned about the upcoming features of Pootle and Pontoon. Also, we informed about the l20n framework which will be available for the communities at the end of this year. We also got Jeff’s words on volunteer recognition in future for bn-BD localizers. So we have a lot of exciting news for the community from this year l10n hackathon, Delhi.


bn-BD localization team with Head of localization at Mozilla Jeff Beatty.

What next after the Hackathon? We will continue to put our effort to catch every release for Firefox for desktop as last year. We’ll put efforts to bring live the Firefox for Android in bn-BD. We will run a new project to do localization test/QA of Firefox for Android and improve the quality of the translation. This will be a pilot to learn and develop the process to engage community members in quality improvement of the translation. In next 6 months, with our current projects and activities, we will focus on the activities for new recruitment of localizers and popularize the Bangla localized Firefox browser. As the beginning of this initiative, we are going to arrange a two days long event at the end of October 2016 where we will transfer our knowledge to the community members. So localization is no more a boring project to contribute, have more to do and achieve here. Please be with us and contribute to bn-BD in Mozilla localization.

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