Mozilla QA Bangladesh: Community Report, December 2016

Hossain Al Ikram



After we initiated our Community report initiative in September, we failed to continue in next few months for couple of reasons. We are sorry for failing earlier times. In earlier months, we tried to learn the strategies and hence, we are starting again, with a new spirit :)

We are a community focused on QA to make mozilla’s products and services more better in our day to day life. To promote, what we are doing in a months cycle, we will be publishing monthly report each month focusing our activity and this is our December edition of monthly report focusing our activity on December 2016.

Contributor of the Month – December, 2016


Mohammad Maruf Islam is an awesome mozillian from East West University. He has been involved with our activities from March 2015. With doing awesome contribution, he also worked hard to shape our community. His involvement in Testday’s has powered more light in Mentor’s den. I am delighted to announce him as contributor of the month.
Ratul Islam is one of our community pioneer who had lead our community from the front. In our earlier days, when we needed someone most, Ratul Islam marched with us together. Our spirit of being an community was possible because of people like Ratul Islam. He was one of our first set of super mentors, who dealt with new contributors even in late hours. We are really proud to announce him as contributor of the month!


What We have done – In December, 2016!

  • Testpilot Sprint @ DIIT ( lead by Meraj Kazi )


  • Bug Verification day (07 December, 2016)
    • 6 Bugs Verified
    • 3 Contributor joined.
  • We published our community’s second video following the trend of Mannequin challenge! ( Idea came from Almas Hosain Tushar)


QA Community Superstar: December, 2016

We shall be focusing our contributors with monthly “Community Superstar” role who’s contribution has been bringing a change to the community. In December, because of exams and year ending, we faced rush on contributions but still there were people who stick with us and contributed. Thanks to all for your hard work.

We are still reviewing the strategy behind this role. More updates on this role will be update soon.


That’s all. Thanks for Reading! And Keep Contributing.

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