Mozilla QA Bangladesh: Community Report, January 2017

Hossain Al Ikram



We are a community focused on QA to make Mozilla’s products and services more better in our day to day life. To promote, what we are doing in a month’s cycle, we will be publishing monthly report each month focusing on our activity and this is our January edition of monthly report focused on our activity on January 2017.

Contributor of the Month – January, 2017


Md. Rahim Ul Islam Rifat has been involved with us from July, 2015. He has been involved in a regular timeline with the initiative and activities that we run. Lately last year, he has been involved with the community with his mentorship skills. Aside from that, he also helped us many times to organize events and supported by managing logistic needs, This is a proud moment to announce you, Contributor Of the Month, Rifat :)

Kazi Nuzhat Tasnem is one of our aspiring women contributors who has been contributing since May, 2015. Since then, she has been an active part of our community. She has been joining events, online meetings and all other initiatives run by the community. Not limited to that, she has also helped many by providing mentorship. We would like to thank you by announcing you as Contributor Of the Month.

What We have done – In January, 2017!

QA Community Superstar: January, 2017

We shall be focusing our contributors with monthly “Community Superstar” role who’s contribution has been bringing a positive change to the community. In January, in Spite of Vacations in the universities, many people have helped us achieving our goals. Thanks to all of you for your contributions

We still need more time to review the strategy behind this role. More updates on this role will be updated soon.


That’s all. Thanks for Reading! And Keep Contributing.

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